Atomic Provisions

Westport is getting an energy boost when Drew Shader, owner of AC Westport, opens Atomic Provisions (4144 Pennsylvania Ave.). Shader seeks out interesting structures for his businesses and found one in the Historic City Ice building, which dates back to 1907. The building will be preserved, with updates made to fit the needs of the dining and drinking concepts. Because Atomic Provisions is actually four businesses in one: Atomic Cowboy serves up craft cocktails, beer, and wine, while at Denver Biscuit Company, the focus is on Southern folded biscuits, showcased through sandwiches and entrees. Fat Sully’s is a New York-style pizza joint open until at least 2 a.m. every day, and Frozen Gold is a soft-serve ice cream destination featuring specialty toppings. Atomic Provisions got its start in Denver and is tentatively set to open in Kansas City later this month.