In Culinary News: Happy Gillis 

Josh and Abbey-Jo Eans, owners of Happy Gillis, have decided to remain in Spain after living there for more than a year, while their restaurant, Happy Gillis, continues to operate with the…

In Culinary News: KuKiss Bakery

What is large and round and takes two hands to hold? It’s flaky and crunchy on the outside with spiraled layers of laminated dough, and on the inside it’s soft and cream…



In Your Cocktail: Rye Leawood

Celebrating 12 years at Mission Farms in Leawood this year, Rye continues to be a beloved, local chef-driven dining destination in Kansas City.  Whether guests come for the crispy fried chicken or…


Taking the Luck Out of Potluck

In my early days of party-giving, I rejected the very idea of hosting a potluck dinner. I had boundless energy—Oh, how I miss it!—for cooking. My heroes were Julia Child and Martha…


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