Reservation for One: Atomic Provisions

Biscuits. Pizza. Cocktails. Ice cream. What do they have in common? A spot in Westport’s newly opened Atomic Provisions. The space includes four distinct concepts: brunch destination Denver Biscuit Co., pizza joint…

Reservation for One: Billie’s Grocery

On the outside, it’s a Midtown monument to local history. The Spanish Colonial Revival-style building is rendered in brick and terra cotta made even more striking by the passage of time. Designed…


In Your Cocktail: Mitch e Amaro

North Kansas City’s Mitch e Amaro isn’t your standard cocktail bar. In fact, it’s not a bar at all, but a hybrid concept that sells spirits and home bar supplies in addition…

In Your Cocktail: Percheron

The recipe for a summer night out has less to do with the drink in your hand than it does where you’re drinking: Make it somewhere outside, far enough off the ground…


Never Fear—Fall Beer Is Here!

Well, it’s official. Fall is here. And not just because the calendar says so either. The rules are simple: if the temperature falls below 60 degrees even one time, it’s pumpkin-spice-everything season—and…


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