Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/17

The culinary team at SPIN! Pizza is shaking things up in 2019—unveiling an amazing array of new menu items at the beginning of this year. The changes are some of the biggest…

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My Fave Pic: Amy & Chase Ashurst

Amy and Chase Ashurst, owners of The Rye Studio in Overland Park, have one motto when it comes to photography: “Rye not?” The married duo is known for their inventive portraits and…

So Much Mahomes Gear, So Little Time

Kansas City is smitten with a serious case of Mahomes Fever. Symptoms may include anxiousness, heart palpitations, and an occasional case of the vapors. With the Chiefs poised to make it just…

Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/10

Dudes, if you haven’t stumbled into the newly opened Modern Man Supply Co. in Westport, you’re not living your best life. Co-owner Joshua Wilson gave us a nickel tour of his shop…

Recipe: Apricot Pancakes with Ginger Apricot Honey

Chef Shanita Bryant does not skimp on ingredients when she whips up her dishes. With her Southern-influenced and Cajun-inspired style of cooking, everything is decadent, delicious, and downright yummy. (Full disclosure: We’ve…

The Good Living Expo: A Health and Wellness Mecca

Sponsored content: Well, it’s official—most people are a little more than a week in to their New Year’s resolutions. For many folks, health and wellness becomes a priority this time of year.…


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