Standard Style Celebrates Their 15th Anniversary

Sponsored content Do you remember a time when Standard Style wasn’t the go-to place for fashionistas? Yeah, neither do we. The store is celebrating an impressive 15th anniversary. Fifteen years of getting Kansas City…

It’s the Holidays. You’re Stressed. Now What?

‘Tis the season—for your blood pressure to go up, that is. If the onslaught of the holidays is causing you to be irritable instead of iridescent, join the crowd. How do you…

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Impulse Purchase of the Week – 11/22

Have you heard of Give & Partake? Neither had we until a couple of weeks ago when we stumbled across one of their passport dining books. Think of it as dining out…

My Fave Pic: Ron Berg

Ron Berg loves him some Kansas City. He’s been clicking off shots in and around the metro (and the U.S.) for 20-plus years and has cultivated quite the rabid following of appreciative clients.…

Tim Finn Review: John Prine

John Prine danced at his own concert Friday night. As his band vamped the end of Lake Marie, Prine laid down his guitar and jigged slowly and happily offstage to the delight…

Your Gift for the Holidays—Healthy, Glowing Skin!

Sponsored content Treat yourself to skincare procedures with immediate, dramatic results—and no downtime Peeling for several days, followed by red skin for weeks. If that’s what you’ve experienced after a facial rejuvenation…

Impulse Purchase of the Week – 11/14

Have you had a chance to check out our stunning online Holiday Gift Guide? We partnered with some of our favorite local merchants to make your holiday shopping just that much easier.…

Our Top 8 Local Turkey Day Restaurants

Ah, Thanksgiving. The one day—you know, other than the Super Bowl—you get to eat yourself into complete oblivion. Some people enjoy finding the perfect recipes and the endless food prep that goes…


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