Tim Finn Review: Wynton Marsalis

It’s the rare concert when the name on the marquee takes an inconspicuous back row seat on stage. But that’s where Wynton Marsalis was posted Thursday night at the Arvest Bank Theatre…

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Fir’real! We Rate KC’s Best Local Holiday Candles

The smell of Christmas is in the air—or is it? If you’re hard-pressed to find a signature scent that goes along with your holiday festivities, we’ve got some local ‘tis-the-season scents you’ll…

Touring Kansas City—Literally!

There are plenty of options for unique-to-Kansas City entertainment through the winter months. From farm tours on the edges of the metro to barbecue joints in the heart of the city, there…

Impulse Purchase of the Week – 12/5

Cute. Clever. Kitschy. If you’re looking for a playful 2020 KC-centric calendar, look no further. We just discovered Greg Wilson of Photogregory’s new “Goin’ To Kansas City” calendar, which showcases Barbie and…


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