Chiefs + Chocolate = A Winning Combination

Other than Boulevard beer, there’s only one thing this city loves just as much as our beloved Kansas City Chiefs. It’s chocolate. Holy Cacao, Batman—we’re a chocolate-cravin’ town. And given that the…

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Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/ 23

Poised to chuck your New Year’s dietary resolutions out the window—uh, like we are? May we suggest diving headfirst into Cedar Street Toffee’s newest sweet treat? Introducing their new All Almond Toffee—which…

We Compiled Our Fave Chiefs Quotes From Yesterday!

The. Chiefs. Are. Going. To. The Super. Bowl. And Kansas City is collectively losing their ever-lovin’ minds. We scoped out the interwebs and various social media channels to find out who’s saying…

Game Day Tips To Manage Stress

Today is a big day here in Chiefs kingdom. The Chiefs are playing in the AFC title game against the Tennessee Titans. A win not only earns our team the Lamar Hunt…

Eat Like a Kansas City Chief

Will the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl? We can’t definitively say. What does tight end Travis Kelce’s dream pizza taste like that? Now that, we can answer. By combing through…

Recipe: Cheers! It’s National Hot Buttered Rum Day

Craig Adcock is Kansas City’s rum cake king—the founder and owner of Jude’s Rum Cakes, a rum-soaked confection shipped around the universe to rum lovers. When asked to provide a hot rum…

Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/16

Trying to find a renewed sense of self in 2020? We’ve discovered As You Be—the perfect book to inspire and motivate you, courtesy of a local author, Noeyoni. In 42 beautifully crafted…


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