Whatever Happened To: Comedian Emo Philips

With his quirky comedic timing and offbeat on-stage antics, comedian Emo Philips was omnipresent in the ’80s. His syncopated banter often left folks laughing and scratching their heads at the same time.…

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Impulse Purchase of the Week – 5/23

Call it what you will—pop or soda, but if you’re thirsty for some bubbly deliciousness, you’ll want to pop into KC Soda in River Market where they have a whopping 1,000+ different brands…

Top Five Craziest New Menu Items at Q39

Sponsored post: When Q39’s owner/executive chef Rob Magee plopped down at our table to discuss his new menu, he confessed he just wolfed down a couple of his brand-spankin’ new recipes—both of…

KC’s Pet Psychics? Yes, It’s A Thing!

Ever thought, “I wonder if my pet can understand what I’m saying?” Well, the undisputable answer is—kinda. Pets have their own way of communicating with their beloved hoo-mans, but we might not…

Impulse Purchase of the Week – 5/16

T-shirt purveyors Charlie Hustle unleashed a couple of exclusive T-shirts for Nelson-Atkins last year. The tees were so wildly popular, the team at Charlie Hustle hustled to whip up two new designs…

Lonita Cook Film Review: All Creatures Here Below

All Creatures Here Below, a dark and gritty psychodrama starring Overland Park native David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man) and Karen Gillan (Jumanji), comes to theaters in the metro on May 17. The movie opens…

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