Deconstructing Marcus Jansen

Why “Deconstructing” this contemporary artist? Because there’s a lot going on in each multi-layered work of paint, collage, and found objects. Born in 1968 to a German father and West Indian mother,…

Learn How Napoleon Harnessed Fashion

Marie Antoinette’s corsets, voluminous skirts, and powdered wigs were guillotined out of fashion during the French Revolution. When Napoleon Bonaparte finally became the French leader in 1799, no one wanted to look…

The Best Dressed List, Kansas City-Style

From the 1920s through the 1970s, Kansas City’s Garment District turned out everything from house dresses to evening gowns, machine made to hand-sewn. While the Kansas City Museum is under construction, a…




Tim Finn Review: Jason Sudeikis’ Thundergong!

The inaugural Thundergong!, held in November 2017,  set the bar high for its successor. Last year’s music/comedy revue, hosted by actor and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis, featured an…

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