A Holiday Party to Remember: Mini-Golf, Axe-Throwing, and Escape Rooms

Sinkers Lounge

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Say hello to a fresh take on office celebrations! Wave goodbye to the typical office party routine of dressing up, awkward secret Santas, and unwanted gifts. Embrace a new era of positive vibes and enjoyable gatherings!

This year, say yes to new holiday office party options that offer camaraderie, festive food and drink, and best of all—fun!

“In the age of remote/hybrid work, holiday office parties have become a big deal,” says Sami Cintron, senior marketing manager for Swell Spark, an interactive entertainment company based in Kansas City, Kansas.  “With employees scattered, these get-togethers are like a breath of fresh air, a chance to hang out and break free from virtual chats.”

Breakout KC

“Mixing up the usual office party is a good move. People want more than the usual decorations and snacks—they want experiences. It’s not just about keeping employees happy; it’s also about showing customers what your company is all about. Give them something to remember and share,” Cintron advises.

“So, spice up the holiday bash with cool stuff. It’s not just good for team spirit but also for your brand. Make it an experience, not just another party.”

Swell Spark offers a holiday party like no other with three hot concepts in the metro area. Breakout KC, an escape room with ever-changing themes, has two locations—Leawood’s Park Place and River Market in Kansas City.  Blade & Timber amps up the fun with axe throwing in the Power & Light district, Town Center Plaza in Leawood, and Lawrence. The upscale Sinkers Lounge elevates the vibe in the Power & Light district with a high-end mini-golf experience. This trio of unique and active options will turn your holiday bash into an unforgettable celebration.

Blade & Timber

“Our offerings are flexible and tailored to cater to celebrations of any size or nature, ensuring a perfect fit for every occasion.,” says Cintron. “We have a special running right now where if you book before November 1, 2023, for a party that takes place between November 27, 2023, and January 14, 2024, you can take advantage of some great offers including 10% off drink packages and gift cards for your whole team.” 

We all know what fun mini-golf can be. And many have experienced escape rooms for birthday parties or entertainment for out-of-town guests. But Cintron knows first-hand the fun that can be had with axe-wielding. “I’ve channeled my inner lumberjack and tossed an axe or two!” she confesses. And if she can do it, your guests can, too. “Thanks to our top-notch safety coaches at Blade & Timber, not only did I hit the bullseye, but I left feeling like a certified ‘Axe-pert.’” She quips. “It’s a wild mix of thrill and skill—the kind of feeling that makes you want to trade in your office chair for a tree stump. Give it a shot, and you might just find your new favorite pastime!”

“These entertainment concepts offer a versatile range of activities that extend beyond the holiday festivities,” says Cintron. “Whether you’re looking to strengthen team bonds, host a unique office celebration, or just have a great night out, Breakout KC, Blade & Timber, and Sinkers Lounge have got the perfect blend of entertainment for every occasion.”

For team building, Breakout KC‘s escape rooms are a fantastic way to foster collaboration and problem-solving skills. Blade & Timber, with its axe-throwing excitement, adds a unique twist to office parties and celebrations. And Sinkers Lounge, being a high-end mini-golf experience, is perfect for entertaining out-of-town guests or hosting memorable birthday parties.

With a full bar concept at each property, you can also come in for the full experience or just a great happy hour! The choice is yours.