Need A Clever Mask? We’ve Got You Covered—Well, At Least Your Face Anyway

So many masks, so little time. With a mandated mask order going full force in both the KC metro and throughout Kansas, we thought we’d take a hot minute to see which face coverings are hot sellers.

Whether you’re looking for something clever, politically clever, ambiguously clever, or functionally philanthropic, we’ve got you covered. Well, at least your face anyway.

Mahomes mania lives on—in mask form. Behold Raygun’s “Help Keep Patrick Mahomes Safe: Wear a Mask” mask. Granted, the MVP usually has an offensive line protecting him. Now, however, he’s safe knowing Kansas Citians are dedicated to keeping their Super Bowl champion from contracting (or spreading) COVID-19. (How popular are they? They’re currently sold out. Get on the waiting list here.)

Van Luchene

2) They may not be irreverent or clever, but our contributing writer Katie Van Luchene says “the masks from OWNKC are special because every purchase goes toward a local cause—and because they’re the most comfortable masks I own.” How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

3) Looking for something inappropriately snarky? May we suggest the five-pack of profane masks from the no-holds-barred Annie’s Barn collection. From KC-centric to Pride-centric masks, she’s got plenty in stock. But if you’re looking for something a little more, uh, ballsy—these will definitely turn heads.

4) ShananiGanns in Lenexa is teeming with wildly unorthodox masks. Our fave is from the comedic mind-meld, gender-bending sitcom Schitt’s Creek. If you’re a fan of David—and who isn’t, really?—this “Very Uninterested In Your Opinion” mask says so much without saying much at all.

5) Need some positive affirmation? Prairie Village’s Notes To Self offers up lightweight masks with some optimistic statements like “I Am Strong” and “I Am Smiling.” For every face cover purchased at, they’ll donate a mask to a local homeless shelter, women’s shelter, or non-profit supporting those in great need.

6) Looking for something a bit simpler? (read that: inexpensive) Modern Man Supply Co. is offering community-made masks for a mere $5.00 (or complimentary with any purchase of $25.00 or more.) MMSC KC purchases the masks from After Action Network—a local veteran’s philanthropic organization. Even better? AAN uses the funds to produce more masks to donate throughout the community. They have donated 4,000 masks to date.



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