Making Sure Your Diamond Is Not Just Seen, But Sold. The Diamond Banc Perspective


For people wishing to sell their diamond jewelry, the path to a sale might seem difficult, but it can be more straightforward—and rewarding—than they imagine.

Situated in the jewel that is the Country Club Plaza, Diamond Banc shines in the diamond realm, presenting Kansas Citians with opportunities to monetize their jewelry. Diamond Banc’s attractive services include immediate sale, Jewelry Equity Loan, or their Sellers Agent Service.

Sicily Von Overfelt, director of Diamond Banc’s Kansas City branch,  breaks down Diamond Banc’s Sellers Agent Service and how it surpasses conventional diamond consignment.

Understanding the Emotional Value of Diamonds
No matter the client’s personal story or reason for selling, Overfelt knows that diamonds often have a multi-faceted value. “Diamonds are more than a pricey piece of jewelry; they are carriers of memories and emotions,” she says. “That’s why it’s important to find a balance between the sentimental value and the current market value of the diamond.”

The Reality of Diamond Consignment
Sellers might have the misconception that every diamond on consignment will be sold. The reality is that many diamonds simply go unsold and become museum pieces. “Some consignors might paint a rosy picture with high selling prices, but the real metric of success is the percentage of diamonds that actually result in a closed sale.”

Choosing the Right Consignor
For people wanting to sell their diamonds, navigating the consignment waters can be daunting. Sicily advises choosing a consignor known for integrity and dedication. “It’s imperative to collaborate with someone who understands the current market and is wholeheartedly invested in ensuring your diamond sells,” she advises. “At Diamond Banc, our interests are intrinsically tied to our sellers. That’s why we describe ourselves as a ‘Sellers Agent’ instead of ‘consignor.’ Our primary goal is ensuring our client secure the highest return on their diamonds.”

Common Missteps in the Consignment Process
Sometimes clients wanting to sell their diamonds focus on the wrong thing—profit splits. “While it’s essential to understand the financial dynamics, the more pressing question should revolve around the consignor’s ability to secure a compelling selling price and, more crucially, finalize the sale,” she emphasizes. “The question clients should ask is: How many diamonds have they sold on consignment?” A higher profit split means nothing if the diamond does not sell.”

How Diamond Banc’s Sellers Agent Service Works
“Our exclusive Sellers Agent Service ensures that Diamond Banc and our clients have a shared goal of maximizing the value of their diamond,” maintains Overfelt.

To maximize its value, the diamond needs to be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Diamond Banc employs an exclusive nationwide marketing strategy, prominently featuring the diamond on various platforms, including the renowned, which is the world’s largest diamond dealer platform. Throughout the process, “Diamond Banc prioritizes the strict confidentiality of our client’s identity,” explains Overfelt. “Once the diamond sells, we provide a comprehensive closing statement that outlines all the financial details of the transaction.”

She adds, “You can think of our Sellers Agent Service as an elevated version of traditional consignment. At Diamond Banc, your diamond doesn’t sit in our case for months waiting for the ‘perfect’ buyer to hopefully walk through the door. We actively work on your behalf, marketing your diamond nationwide to ensure your diamond sells.”

Final Words of Wisdom
Overfelt offers some parting advice for diamond owners considering selling their diamonds through consignment: “Always conduct thorough research before committing. Choose a consignor who understands your diamond’s worth and is committed to selling your diamond. Remember, true success in diamond consignment isn’t just listing, but ensuring that the diamond captivates the right buyer. And that’s our daily mission at Diamond Banc.”

With Diamond Banc’s Sellers Agent Service, you aren’t just finding a firm to sell your diamond—you’re gaining a trusted partner in the industry. “Our combination of expertise and unparalleled service ensures your diamond is not just seen but sold,” she says. Find out what Diamond Banc’s Sellers Agent Service can do for you.

Sicily Von Overfelt is a GIA Diamonds Graduate with over 16 years of experience in the jewelry industry and 10+ years with Diamond Banc. She began her career in retail diamond sales, where she gained extensive experience with designer brands, the intricacies of the diamond market and providing luxury client experience. Sicily is the Director of Diamond Banc in Kansas City, authenticating and purchasing pre-owned luxury designer jewelry, diamonds, and watches from the public.

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