’Tis the Season to Maximize the Value of Your Fine Jewelry with Diamond Banc


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As the holiday season draws near, we’re all looking forward to those yearly traditions—unpacking your favorite holiday decorations, whipping up grandma’s favorite pie recipe, and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Each year, that holiday gift list seems to get a bit longer as our families and friendships grow. Those extended shopping lists can add up quick, and that shouldn’t be something you should have to stress over—the holidays are a time for making memories. If you’re wondering how you can eliminate the stress of extra costs this time of year, Diamond Banc can help.

If you haven’t opened your jewelry box lately, you might want to look and see if you can find some hidden gems. At Diamond Banc, you can sell jewelry pieces outright, on consignment, or even use a treasured jewelry item you want to hold on to as collateral for an equity loan.

Get the funds you need, while retaining ownership of your favorite pieces

At Diamond Banc, you don’t have to sell a treasured family heirloom or the watch your dad gave you for college graduation to get the extra funds you need. Especially around the holidays, Sicily Von Overfelt, Market Director of Diamond Banc in Kansas City, helps a lot of customers secure equity loans. 

“We, of course, have an immediate sell options, so customers can sell their jewelry outright for immediate funds, or they can borrow against the value of their jewelry without having to get rid of it forever. Our Jewelry Equity Loan is the ideal financial solution for those who have a valuable asset and want to leverage the liquidity it possesses. Our Jewelry Equity Loan is a short-term asset-based loan utilizing jewelry items such as diamonds, Rolex watches, or designer jewelry as collateral,” she says. “That’s one of our many services we offer, the loan service is best for those clients who wish to retain ownership of the piece while using the liquidity of piece’s value.”

Von Overfelt recalls one small business owner who came in with a Rolex watch—the first Rolex they had bought themselves to celebrate a career achievement. This customer wasn’t interested in selling the watch, but they were interested in using the liquidity of the piece to cover upfront expenses on a big project their company had just taken on.

“They contacted us through our online submission form and provided a few images of the Rolex,” she says. “We set up an appointment, they brought their Rolex in for us to look at, and we were able to offer them $7,000 whether they chose to sell it outright or opt for our Jewelry Equity Loan. Within 45 minutes, the small-business owner had a check in hand. Our Jewelry Equity Loan process requires zero credit check and offers very pro-borrower terms. That customer could choose to pay down the principal amount by $3,000, still having $4,000 left to borrow as needed.”

Wondering if you have an ideal piece to use for an equity loan? 

Diamond Banc’s Jewelry Equity Loans offer funding secured by fine jewelry, engagement rings, loose diamonds, luxury watches, designer handbags, and gold and silver coins or bullion. You can also use any number of pieces you wish to increase the loan value. Expect immediate payment, flexible repayment options, and a completely confidential process.

Out with the old, in with the new

The holiday season is also a great time to sell older pieces of jewelry you no longer use and make room in your jewelry box for the season’s newest pieces.

“We have a lot of clients who will have pieces that they loved and wore all the time in the past, but because jewelry is so fashion-centered and styles change, they want a different David Yurman piece or a new piece from Tiffany & Co.,” Von Overfelt says. “Plus, we love helping find a new person to enjoy that treasured piece of jewelry.”

According to Von Overfelt, diamonds and Rolex watches retain their value well – especially in todays market. Designer pieces and vintage jewelry are also making a big comeback, as people enjoy the uniqueness and lasting quality of those pieces.

“It’s a cliché thing, but it’s so true that they just don’t make pieces like they used to, and people really appreciate that,” she says. “We recently purchased this piece—a gold bangle with black enamel, with tiger striped pattern with diamonds from the early 1980s—and people were tripping over themselves to try and get it.”

Diamond Banc has several selling options to choose from:

  • Immediate Purchase – The best option for those who value being paid immediately, Diamond Banc will make an industry-leading purchase offer and fund transactions on the spot.
  • Effective Consignment – For those who value a higher return over immediate funding. Your item is marketed to over 20,000 dealers, wholesalers, and retailers, and Diamond Banc pays you a preferred return once the item sells.
  • Seller’s Agent Service – This option is for those who wish to maximize their return on items selling for more than $35,000. Diamond Banc will get you the most money possible by marketing your pieces nationwide with a transparent percentage commission.

Curious how much you can get for a loan or by selling your high-end jewelry? For a free, no-obligation quote, contact Sicily Von Overfelt at Sicily@diamondbanc.com to schedule an appointment or go to diamondbanc.com to get your free quote started online and schedule an appointment. There’s an office conveniently located on Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza (435 Nichols Road, Suite 200) or you can head online for Diamond Banc’s value calculators for diamonds and Rolexes.