Thinking About LASIK? Here’s What You Need To Know

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When considering laser vision correction, choosing a surgeon is one of the most important decisions you can make before scheduling a LASIK consultation in Kansas City. Each surgeon’s experience and approach to patient care is unique, so doing your research will ensure you are confident in your decision to move forward. At Durrie Vision, they’ve identified four key qualifications to consider when choosing a LASIK provider.

1) Experience

There is no substitute for experience when trusting a surgeon with your vision. The doctors at Durrie Vision have performed over 65,000 procedures combined and have been involved in over 200 FDA clinical trials. During your consultation at Durrie Vision, you’ll meet directly with one of Durrie Vision’s surgeons to discuss the exam results and any recommended treatment plan. Who could be a better resource than the person who would be performing your procedure? This one-on-one time provides an additional level of expertise not available at a screening or exam performed by an optometrist or refractive technician.

2) Options beyond LASIK
While LASIK is one of the most trusted and common elective eye surgeries performed today,  in fact there are several different vision correction procedures available. Seeking out a facility that specializes in all the different forms of modern laser vision correction ensures you’re recommended a treatment plan designed specifically for your unique visual demands and lifestyle.

At Durrie Vision, they specialize in vision correction surgery, and are the only facility in the region that offers seven forms of vision correction procedures.

3) Technology

Both the diagnostic and treatment technologies play a vital role in the safety and efficacy of a procedure. A facility with limited diagnostic testing may not be able to identify underlying eye issues that could affect healing and/or outcomes. The cutting-edge diagnostic technologies used at Durrie Vision provide a highly detailed 3-D view of the entire eye and key measurements needed to recommend the best treatment plan for you.

With seven procedures offered, Durrie Vision also has the most advanced combination of laser platforms and treatment technologies available today. Multiple technologies allow Durrie Vision’s surgeons to further customize the procedure for you.

4) Reviews
What do others have to say about their experience with the surgeon and their results? Do your research, ask for referrals, and read real patient reviews. Durrie Vision prides itself on delivering a first-class patient experience through every step of the process.

Have Questions? You’re Not Alone
At Durrie Vision, their goal is to educate each patient about how the eye works, their unique vision issues, and what a surgery would do for them. As a result, many patients find that they answer all their questions (and then some) before they get the chance to ask.

uring your LASIK consultation, make sure you’re ready to talk about your medical history (especially conditions such as diabetes that could affect healing), your hobbies/interests, current medications, and your goals and expectations.

Remember, at Durrie Vision their Advanced Ocular Analysis goes beyond the traditional LASIK consultation in Kansas City. With Durrie Vision, your consultation is an in-depth process that will help your surgeon determine which laser vision correction procedure is your best option.

Because of the detail that goes into this appointment, you’ll want to plan to be on-site for an hour and a half. After all, surgery is a big deal, and you want to make sure your eyes are treated with the utmost care and preparation. Your eyes will be dilated during the exam to allow for precise measurements. While most are able to drive following dilation, a pair of sunglasses is recommended to offset any light sensitivity.

Not Your Average Eye Exam

The main reason the AOA and consultation takes time is because medical professionals will perform a variety of tests and measurements to determine which procedure will give you the best results. A majority of patients are surprised at just how in-depth the Durrie Vision team will go—it’s definitely not your average eye exam!


The answer is simple. They aren’t just screening your eyes for LASIK, they’re examining your eyes to see which procedure and technologies are best and safest for you, and that requires much more than a simple test.

You’ll also get important information to help you prepare for your procedure. Below is a list of general information you’ll receive after your AOA and LASIK consultation in Kansas City.

Cost and Financing Information

While cost varies by procedure, pricing at Durrie Vision is transparent and inclusive of all exams and enhancements (if necessary) during the outlined post-operative period. They pride themselves on customizing each procedure to the unique patient, and do not believe in hidden fees or upcharges based on prescription strength or technology used.

During the consultation, one of Durrie Vision’s knowledgeable patient counselors will discuss pricing and financing options to make your procedure more affordable and budget friendly. As a bonus, laser vision correction procedures are approved expenses under most Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts, which allow you to set aside tax-free money for your vision correction procedure.

Want To Know More?

At Durrie Vision, they understand that correcting your vision is a life-changing decision. That’s why they ensure a great experience every step of the way. From your first LASIK consultation all the way to your post-procedure exams, you’re always Durrie Vision’s number one priority.

At Durrie Vision, your LASIK consultation goes beyond the norm. Thanks to their Advanced Ocular Analysis (AOA), you get the most advanced combination of diagnostic testing available. Don’t settle for an OK procedure; you deserve the best LASIK procedure in Kansas City.

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