Is Semaglutide Your Answer to Losing Weight and Inches?


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The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” for Lisa, who lost 48 pounds and 23 inches in 9 months.

Since he and his team began offering the FDA-approved weight loss injections to patients, founder and on-site physician James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG has been pleased with the results.

And, his patients are thrilled.

Lisa of Gladstone, Missouri, is just one example. This busy patient, who works in the health care industry, did her homework when seeking a safe, effective way to deal with her weight. The more she read about Semaglutide the more excited she was to try it herself.

“I’ve struggled with thyroid and other hormone issues most of my life and found it increasingly difficult to reach and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve tried so many diets and exercise programs but could never lose more than a few pounds.

“After nine months on Semaglutide, I lost 48 pounds and 23 inches, mostly around my midsection. My body fat decreased by 8.5 percent and my BMI is a healthy 24.2 percent—down from 31.5 percent.”


Lisa is ecstatic about how she looks, but just as important is her new vitality. “I have so much more energy and have never felt better,” she says. And she appreciates how the Mirabile M.D. team helped her throughout the process. “They guided me every step of the way and counseled me on how to avoid any side effects.”

Hollywood’s “worst-kept secret”

Several celebrities and billionaires are crediting Semaglutide or similar weight-loss injections for their sleek new figures. As for those who insist their impressive weight loss isn’t due to these treatments, Beth, another patient seeing remarkable results, just laughs. “I’m not ashamed about using a proven, approved way to lose weight,” she says, “and I’m happy to share my story with anyone who comments on how great I look.”

“After all,” she says, “it still requires a commitment on my part to stick to a program, eat healthy, and exercise. I finally stopped complaining about my weight and did something about it. It’s rewarding to take control of how I feel and look, and that confidence is reflected in everything I do.” In fact, Beth now enjoys going to the gym and toning up as she drops the pounds. And it’s much safer than the more drastic bariatric surgery another doctor recommended to treat her obesity.

Say no to the “Ozempic face”

As for that gaunt, sunken-cheek look that can accompany these treatments—or any weight-loss journey—it hasn’t happened to Lisa. She credits the nutritionists at Mirabile M.D. for helping her with healthy food choices which include plenty of lean proteins, healthy fats, and approved carbs. But what she doesn’t do is indulge in snacks throughout the day as before. “It works by telling my brain ‘I’m full,’” Lisa says. “I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about food and have found that I am more satisfied with smaller portions.”

How Semaglutide—which Yale Medicine calls a “game changer”—works

Semaglutide was originally approved by the FDA to treat Type 2 Diabetes by regulating and managing blood sugar levels. The injections, which are administered by patients once a week at home, mimic the hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) to slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. The result is that patients feel more satiated after a meal, so they consume fewer calories.

That’s exactly what happened with Lisa. “I immediately noticed my appetite was half of what it had been. I only lost a few pounds over the first month, but the Mirabile M.D. team encouraged me to continue.

“I’m so glad I did,” she says, “because after that the pounds just started coming off, starting with my belly weight. If there’s a downside, it’s that I needed a whole new wardrobe including my first two-piece swimsuit in years.”

Other benefits to Semaglutide

According to Dr. Mirabile, there’s another significant benefit to this program. “Semaglutide can help bring down the set point—that weight-range the body tries to maintain. That enables patients to not just lose weight, but also maintain that loss. It’s truly a lifestyle change.” In addition, weight loss—even as little as 5 percent—in overweight or obese individuals can help lower cardiovascular risk factors, including heart attacks and stroke.

Just one of several weight loss and body slimming options

Along with Semaglutide, Mirabile M.D. offers other treatments that enhance weight loss efforts, including B12 injections, administered in the office, that help curb cravings, metabolize fat, and boost energy.

And once a patient achieves his or her weight-loss goals, the medical aesthetic division of the practice, MedCosmetic, offers a number of proven, non-surgical procedures to sculpt and tone body areas including the abdomen, flanks and thighs. That’s a true advantage to choosing a full-service beauty, health, and wellness center like Mirabile M.D.

Is Semaglutide right for you?

As with most prescribed medications, there can be side effects. These may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. The Mirabile M.D. team will go over any potential problems with you, including ways to lessen or eliminate them. The treatment begins with a health history and labs. If approved, you’ll receive instructions for the once-a-week self-injection and the medication will be shipped directly to your home.


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