Be Your Best Inside Woodside’s Newly Renovated South Club

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Everyone’s looking for the next big thing in fitness, but Woodside’s renovated spaces offer a focus on functional movement in style. Functional fitness training is based on our body’s daily movements, but don’t underestimate its impact.

The Westwood luxury health club is finishing up almost a year’s worth of renovations and has added 11,000 square feet of fitness floors. “Our entire South Club building has been completely renovated,” says Katie Swetala, General Manager. “We reimagined the original space to create multi-dimensional uses for our members.” 

The Yard and the Playground are brand new concepts. The Playground is a large, open area fitted with plyo boxes, medicine balls, agility ladders, sleds, a massive OUTRACE structure, and a crash wall. The MoveStrong and another OUTRACE structure both use obstacle course elements and are found in the turfed Yard, another open space perfect for free movement or high-impact group classes like boxing or small group training. “What we’ve done in The Yard and The Playground is very different from what’s offered in other fitness facilities in the area,” says Swetala.

The Lab, Woodside’s new interval training studio, takes fitness to the next level. This is the ultimate multi-dimensional workout that offers effective power and cardio conditioning classes. This studio is opening later this year and offers space for additional group fitness classes. Members can also expect a 27 percent increase in group fitness offerings when renovations are complete.

Woodside first opened in the early 1970s as a social and racquetball club. It’s only fitting the tennis courts get a glow-up this summer, too. “The outdoor courts have all been resurfaced and repainted to improve the playing experience,” says Swetala. “We also updated the lighting, replaced nets, and recovered our on-court cabanas.”

Dedicated to protecting its members from injury, Woodside also added an expansive stretching area with stretching machines and Power Plates—tools built based on research in the field of whole-body vibration training. 

Woodside revamped personal training in a big way. The Personal Training Center includes eight identical state-of-the-art training bays that allow Trainers to focus on their individual clients and feature unique equipment such as the Keiser Functional Trainer.

In addition to private training bays, Woodside’s taking workouts virtual. “Picture eight individual rooms with a TV in each where members can cast a workout from their phones or mobile devices,” says Swetala. “Over Covid, we know a lot of people got comfortable using certain apps on their phones, and we want to give them the space and opportunity to do that. Our members can utilize this private setting and our equipment but also have access to all of our other offerings.” These virtual training suites haven’t opened yet, but they will soon.


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