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Don’t wait for January 1 to focus on healthy resolutions. Start now and get $100 off your initial visit. 

Making a lifestyle change shouldn’t be tied to a particular date like a birthday, anniversary, or the start of a new year. Staring at a red circle on the calendar can lead to added pressure, which can set yourself up for failure before you begin.  

So, when is the best time to begin a weight-loss program? 

“It’s when you are committed to becoming the healthy, trim person you know you can be,” says James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, the on-site physician for the wellness center that bears his name. Dr. Mirabile’s patients have seen remarkable results through Medi-Weightloss® over the past 11 years, losing a combined total of over 90,000 pounds. 

“The people who have the most success with Medi-Weightloss are those who follow the simple steps that make the program unique,” says Mirabile. “Those include keeping a food diary, meeting with our counselors once a week, and eating meals that consist primarily of proteins that make you feel satisfied, along with healthy carbohydrates.” 

In fact, the Medi-Weightloss program’s food choices are much like those found in the popular keto and Mediterranean diets. Best yet, patients eat real food, whether preparing meals at home or dining out at a restaurant or event. “I’m Italian and one of my brothers is a chef, so it’s no surprise that I love good food,” says Dr. Mirabile. “I would have a hard time sticking to any diet that requires you to buy pre-packaged dinners that don’t look appetizing.”  

“If I Can Do This, You Can Do This”
If you think you don’t have time to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle, here are three examples of local Mirabile M.D. patients who are well on their way to reaching their weight-loss goals despite significant obstacles.

With a blended family of eight children—from ages 18 to 7-year-old triplets!—James and Laura have lives filled with work, school and extracurricular outings. “Our lives are crazy busy yet filled with joy,” Laura says with a laugh. So why did this pair of super parents add Medi-Weightloss to their already packed schedule? “Because we wanted to feel better and live longer and be good examples for our kids,” explains James. “And while we both wanted to lose weight, we consider that a bonus.”

James and Laura had both tried diets before, including a well-known national name along with the fad diets, but the pounds came right back. Laura had heard about Medi-Weightloss during a well-woman visit at Dr. Mirabile’s office and was impressed by the research and the fact that it is physician approved and supervised.

Doing the program together has real advantages, James says, including holding each other accountable and enjoying the same food. In fact, Laura knows that without processed foods and high-carb snacks in the home’s pantry, the entire family is adopting good nutrition values that will last a lifetime.

“We learned to shop at the far ends of the grocery store,” says James, “which means we buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats and low-fat cheeses.”

Getting healthy together! Laura and James have lost 58 pounds on Medi-Weightloss.

“Incredible” Counselors
And the lifestyle changes are paying off: James has lost 30 of his 80-pound goal while Laura is down 28 with 25 or so pounds to go. The weekly check-ins with Heather or Charidy are mini-celebrations, the couple says. “They’ve been incredible,” James says. “And because they’ve been through Medi-Weightloss themselves, they have real-life advice and can give first-hand insight with each phase of the program. Laura appreciates the meal prep tips, such as using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

While most evening meals are spent at home, enjoying a date night at a favorite restaurant is a must for this “Brady Bunch” couple. “We can always find approved food on the menu,” says James, who’s a fan of a juicy beef filet or ribeye.

Say Goodbye to the Freshman 15
For 19-year-old Sarah, even the stresses of college life didn’t stop her from reaching her goal of losing 30 pounds on the Medi-Weightloss program. She’s maintained her success and is now meeting with her counselors monthly instead of once a week—whether in person or on Facetime. 

This virtual access is a service the Mirabile M.D. team used during the pandemic when in-person visits weren’t available. “We made it convenient for our patients,” says Dr. Mirabile, “so they didn’t miss a beat on their health programs. The same is true for patients who travel for business or who are away at school. Nothing compensates for a hug or a high-five in the office, but the encouragement from our counselors comes through whatever the mode of communication.” 

 Like many of us, Sarah had bounced from one diet to another for the past few years. But when she decided to really commit to becoming healthy, this teen did what any smart student does: she did her homework. “I liked the fact that Medi-Weightloss is scientifically proven and medically supervised. And it’s easy to follow whether I’m preparing my own meals or eating out.”

 “And I really love my counselors,” Sarah says. “They understand the difficulties of eating healthy at college and had plenty of tips for meals and snacks that are easy to prepare. It could be just a hard-boiled egg or a few cubes of low-fat cheese. 

And while Sarah is thrilled with the compliments she’s received as she continues to lose weight, the benefits go far beyond zipping into a smaller-sized pair of jeans. “I have so much more confidence,” she says. 

And it looks like her attention to a healthier lifestyle is rubbing off on her sorority sisters. “When they noticed how much better I looked and felt, several of them decided to rethink their relationships with food,” she said. 

Sarah’s final advice for teens and adults who want to take control of their health? “Medi-Weightloss absolutely works, even if you’re living away from home.”

Or—like James and Laura—surrounded by a house full of kids.

As Dr. Mirabile said, now is the time to commit to getting healthier and losing weight once and forever with the One That Works®, Medi-Weightloss. New patients can save $100 on their initial visit. Come and learn how this proven program can work for you, too! 

Call to schedule your free Medi-Weightloss assessment at 913-888-7546.

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