IFI: Blogger Kasim Hardaway & Photographer Kaley Kocinski

We all have those unique/interesting/quirky people we like to follow on social media. But who’s flying under the radar? We went out and asked some of Kansas City’s best and brightest social media influencers one simple question: Who are some local folks we need to be following and why?

Kasim Hardaway – Blogger, Foodie, Renaissance Man, Social Media Maestro

“Stop what you are doing and follow Kaley Kocinski better known as Kaley from Kansas. Kaley is a Kansas City-based photographer who specializes in capturing love: from small, intimate weddings to families of five.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a die-hard fan-boy at first, but after appearing on an NPR segment alongside Kaley and listening to her describe her craft—I was truly enamored. Her work transcends traditional photography and exudes raw emotion. She has a way of infusing light into her work that makes each photo look airy, natural, and serene.

I, in no way, intend to start a family or get married anytime soon, but find myself in awe by Kaley’s gorgeous photos. If dreams do come true, one day we will collaborate in some manner or fashion! Until then, I’ll continue to follow along and watch her journey in capturing beautiful moments in time.

I encourage you to do so as well!”

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