My Most Memorable Room Makeover: Designer Stephanie Stadlman

We’re asking local interior designers about their most memorable room makeover. Next up? Designer Stephanie Stadlman of Hyde & Stone Design chose a snoozy, dark, and drab kitchen in desperate need of a spacious overhaul.

Before …

Stadlman says half the battle in this kitchen makeover was looking at the space and optimizing the function “before getting to all the pretty, little details. The most important detail? Know your audience!” In this case, the family desperately wanted a safe, family-friendly kitchen with a functional island and stovetop. “The owners loved entertaining, so I wanted to create a combined kitchen that expanded into their great vaulted living room. Together it created enough room for their extended family to gather and watch Chiefs games on Sundays. Plus, the peninsula concept allowed the cook of the house to be able to keep an eye on the littles and still be social.”

… and after.

Where There’s a Wall, There’s a Way
Knocking down a wall to open up the space was another monumental design challenge. “To the regular eye you would think just taking down a wall would be simple,” says Brittain. “With this project there were structural issues that made it a huge challenge—but with great rewards.” The unforeseen problems inspired Brittain to have a burst of unplanned creativity. A reconfigured post “created a fun juxtaposition of balance,” she says. “And there’s hidden, built-in iPad wall to read all those recipes and stay connected while knocking out daily chores.”

Stadlman adds she loved incorporating the homes original bones and rebuild with a modern twist. “The hexagon breakfast nook was perfect for a casual meal or morning cup of coffee,” she says. “And to optimize space, I recreated built-in cabinets which allowed for a TV and small wine bar. Oh, and the backsplash tile with the gold rivets? That’s my absolute all-time favorite tile—because anytime you can add different textures in different forms, you’ll get a killer look.”

Space: The Final Frontier
Ultimately, the family needed to combine two rooms into “a centralized kick-ass hub,” Stadlman says with a laugh. “Because we all know you live in the kitchen with children—and without.” Brittain didn’t skimp on details either. In fact, she may have gone a little overboard, but in good way. “From the functional paper towel drawer with plate storage to the hidden microwave/coffee pantry, we focused on beauty and function. Yes, you can have both!”

When it came to keeping the counters clutter-free, Stadlman says the devil was in the detail. “There’s an Instapot lift inside a cabinet that pops up when you open it. Who wants to lug that big appliance around?” she says. “Tailoring everything to each client is important to me. In fact, when all the design and planning is complete, I do an imaginary walk through. I literally act out making a meal to see if I run into any hiccups. From chopping up veggies, to loading and unloading the dishwasher I want to be sure every box is checked! And, in this case, goal achieved!”