Colorful Enamel Cups Add a Little Cheer

Bornn Colorama enamelware tumblers, $18.25 each, available at Upper Crust Pie Bakery (Downtown Overland Park).

Winter is often the tedious overstaying guest in Kansas City, but the opening of the Overland Park Farmers Market on April 16 is a harbinger of spring. While the initial produce selection usually includes a wealth of rhubarb and radishes, it’s a nice opportunity to visit the nearby shops. When you go, be sure to stop in to the Upper Crust Pie Bakery. Sisters Jan Knobel and Elaine Van Buskirk receive rave reviews for their baked goods, but the shop has charming tableware, too. These cheerful enamel cups are perfect go-to vessels as you start to sip—or swill—outside. While you can stick with a single color, mixing them up will mimic the joyful cheer of that first flat of pansies.

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