Two Companies Provide Beautiful Charcuterie Boards

Anybody can put some meat and cheese on a plate but creating a charcuterie board with flair takes some skill. Jenna Warmund of More Cheese Please grew up arranging boards for family and friends before turning her talent into a business—clients can choose their size, the type of board it comes on and type of food, including vegan offerings, arranged artfully for parties and events.

For Sarah Juenemann of Grazing KC, creating a collection of snacks starts with learning more about her client and their occasion. “From there, I get to have all the fun: shopping at farmer’s markets, local shops, and picking out the perfect finishing touches such as florals and chocolates,” Juenemann says, adding that it’s not uncommon to shop at anywhere from three to ten stores for ingredients. The result: Colorful, personalized boards that will dress up your Instagram feed and buffet.