Fountain City Scoops and Floats Opens in the River Market

When was the last time you thought about having an old-fashioned float? Lucas Thompson thinks it is high time you did, because he recently opened Fountain City Scoops and Floats next door to his popular soda pop shop, KC Soda Co., located in the City Market. Choose from hundreds of different soda flavors at KC Soda Co. and they will pass it next door to have it made into a float for you, or you can order one of their specialty floats instead. Thompson has chosen to focus specifically on the art of making a delicious float but will happily sell scoops of ice cream on a cone for those that prefer to keep their ice cream eating and soda drinking separate. He also wants to keep things affordable, so everything in his shop is $5 or less. Going forward he wants to shop for fresh fruit from the market to create produce-inspired floats that will seasonally change. Peach float? Yes, please.

Lucus Thompson owner of Fountain City Scoops & Floats