Art Attack: KCAI’s Jessica Rogers Picks Her Favorite Artwork

Whether it’s a painting, photograph, or hand-painted ceramic tchotchke from your Aunt Esmerelda, most everyone has one piece of art that truly resonates with them. We’re putting out the call to ask, “What’s your favorite piece of art?”


Up next, Jessica Rogers, the assistant director at the Kansas City Artist Coalition, chooses a 2020 print that’s both colorfully abstract and playfully surreal. The civic-minded designer says when she’s not creating art here in the metro, she’s known as a “serial community-preneuer using my background in the arts as a catalyst for connecting people and creating community.” Her favorite piece of artwork is a throwback to her South Florida roots.

What’s your fave piece of artwork?
Endless Sunday
By Kit Lanwehr & Kayla Wroblewski
4 color limited run Risograph Print, printed by Oddities Prints
11″ x 17″

Is there a backstory to the artwork?
“I was initially drawn to the artwork because of its bright colors.  Then I fell deeper in love because the swimming pool reminds me of growing up in Florida and spending looooong days at the neighborhood pool playing with friends and beating the heat of the summer.”

Describe the artwork’s nuances—or what catches your eye about the work, please.
“I really enjoy the grainy quality of the Risograph technique of printing and how you can see all four layers of colors blending together. It creates depth and interesting patterns.”