Zimpulse Purchase of the Week – 8/14

Forget our Impulse Purchase of the Week! This week we’re going straight to the top with our fearless editor Zim Loy’s “Zimpulse” Purchase of the Week.

Seems Zim stumbled across the unique Que Bottle at The General Store (Downtown Overland Park and Hawthorne Plaza) right after she declared, “No more single-use plastic!” This BPA-free and plastic-free water (or “whatever”) bottle collapses and expands with a satisfying click.

She’s a fan of its lightweight, compact nature—and suggests you should be too! “It fits in my purse when it’s empty because it’s collapsible, and it goes in the dishwasher, she says. “And—always a consideration—it’s pretty cute too.” ($24.95)



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