Impulse Purchase of the Week – 8/22

Have you ever heard of a Mirror Cake? Well, up until last week—neither had we. Seems it’s one of Local Seasons Catering’s most sought after (and colorful) desserts. “It’s one of my favorites because it’s pretty and versatile,” says Hollie Norton, sales and event director. “The outside can be decorated in almost any color and can even have additions such as sparkles—and they always have such a beautiful mirror-like sheen! The interior can be customized as well, although my favorite—especially this time of year—is the lemon cake with a yummy layer of raspberry mousse!”

Want to dazzle at an upcoming birthday party? Need a decadent dessert for a wedding shower? The Mirror Cake will certainly catch your guests’ eye. ($60) It’s almost too pretty to eat—almost. “Clients absolutely love these because of their fun, reflective appearance,” says Norton. “It’s a lovely accompaniment to any event. We sell it as a whole cake—and typically cut into 16 slices.”

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