Impulse Purchase of the Week – 6/6

Sweet Tooth Alert! Sweet Tooth Alert! If you’ve been hunkerin’ for a hunk of chocolate, we just stumbled across some locally made, gourmet chocolate bars that harken back to our youth. Introducing The Candy Wizard’s Candy Bar, a whopping quarter-pound slab that’s “unlike any other candy bar,” says owner John Stein. “These are a sophisticated mix of flavors—chardonnay, margarita, jalapeno, to name a few. My favorite is the bourbon bar. It has a bold bourbon flavor but doesn’t overpower the rich, dark chocolate.”

Located in River Market, The Candy Wizard has been holding court for candy connoisseurs for more than a decade.  “Adults love to see candy that they haven’t seen since they were kids. It brings back good memories—and they love to introduce the oldies to their kids,” Stein says.

He’s proudest of his ol’ fashioned chocolate bars. They have 15 quirky varieties from which to choose. “The chardonnay bars and bacon bars are both big sellers. The staff really likes the chardonnay bar and pushes it whenever some asks for a recommendation. The bacon bar sells well—not only for its novelty appeal, but because it contains real bacon,” he says. “But hands down our biggest seller is the white-chocolate chardonnay [$5 each]. It does pair well with a glass of wine.” Trust us, they’re big enough to share, but why would you?

If the little kid in you is jonesin’ for some old-fashioned candy, The Candy Wizard has your back. And get ready to wax nostalgic. “Because of our store’s atmosphere and variety we hear a lot of, ‘This is a really cool store!’ Some days we even count the “Oh, wow’s!’”