Impulse Purchase of the Week – 10/29

Maggie McGuire launched her quirky MidwestMarge personalized bracelet and mask lanyard collection this April—yes, smack dab at the start of the pandemic.

When folks started commenting they were constantly losing their face masks, McGuire whipped up holders to keep them securely in place—similar to eyeglasses. What started as a lark has gone stratospheric in the past few months. “I have been blown away by how quickly the business has grown,” says McGuire. “I owe a lot to our customer base and their willingness to share their purchases on social media.”

Recently local celebs have been spotted wearing MidwestMarge accoutrements. “KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid’s wife Tammy made a bulk purchase for all of the coaches’ wives prior to the start of the season,” says McGuire. “MidwestMarge mask lanyards have been spotted on Instagram being worn by Tavia and Gracie Hunt and KC native (and Nashville recording artist) Johnny McGuire. We hope to see them on our Chiefs quarterback soon.”

McGuire seems tickled at all the hoopla around her new product line. “2020 hasn’t been the best year, but I’m hopeful and know it will make our city even stronger and more bonded than ever,” she says. “I am proud and thankful to be a part of such an amazing city.”

Bracelets start at $7 apiece and mask lanyards at $14. (Discounts offered for bulk orders on both.) Products can be found locally at Addie Rose Boutique and The Little House. Orders may also be placed online via MidwestMarge Instagram (@MidwestMarge) or off their Etsy page (