Impulse Purchase of the Week – 10/22

Dear Diary,

As you know, we’re obsessed with journaling. So when we spied Found and Rebound’s repurposed journals made from old books, we wanted to share them with the world. It turns out that creating them is a labor of love for this local company. “I love repurposing things and I love books—old books, in particular,” says RT Rustics co-owner Rosemary Salerno. “They are on the verge of being discarded and forgotten. We think this gives them new life and new purpose.”

Given that most everyone has a connection to a book from their childhood, it’s no wonder these custom-made journals are flying off the shelves. ($15 – 40) “It’s so fun watching people go through our books and react when they see one that the love or remember,” Salerno says. “We carefully disassemble the book and keep the covers and as many of the interior pages we can. We add in the blank pages for journaling (or sketching) with quality 24-lb paper. Lots of folks have given us their favorite book from childhood or something their kids’ read and asked us to turn them into journals.”

And because the Found and Rebound squad hates to throw anything away, they’ve just recently started reusing the book spines and turning them into bookmarks. “We let nothing go to waste—even the pages we have to discard all end up in the recycle bin!” says Salerno.

Look for RT Rustics at this weekend’s Vintage Market Days.

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