Impulse Purchase of the Week – 10/11

Shop owner Megan Nelson of Urban Owl is a firm believer in making first impressions—good and/or otherwise. That’s why she created her local line of zany doormats that give guests pause before they even ring the doorbell. We had to ask—what was the genesis behind the design of her bon mot mats? “I could never find a doormat I liked for my own home, so I created one of my own! I got so many compliments from friends and family, that I started making some for them too,” says Nelson. “I started selling them online as a side hustle and the rest is history! Three years later my doormats have turned into a full-fledged business.”

She has a plethora of pithy slogans from which to choose. Her “Happy Fall, y’all” and “Hello, Pumpkin” doormats are popular this time of year. But, some of her most memorable ones come with built-in “kid-warnings” scrawled on them. Our favorite spells it out: “Just so you know, there’s like a lot of kids in here.” (That actually made our art director burst out laughing.) Who comes up with all those clever mottos? “Inspiration for my doormats come from all kinds of places—friends, customers, my dogs, and Pinterest,” says Nelson. “I am a Pinterest addict!”

Nelson’s doormats can be found online or on Etsy. “I also sell select doormat designs at Flying Pig Local Mercantile in the Crossroads and at craft fairs throughout the year,” says Nelson. Prices range from $40 for Urban Owl designs up to $60 for custom and larger doormats. And yes, you read right! Nelson would be thrilled to make you your own custom door mat—because she loves making them. “I do personalized andcustom designs. They make great wedding and housewarming gifts!” Even better? “Urban Owl donates 5% of sales to local animal rescues,” says Nelson. “We love animals—as you can see from our many pet-themed mats we have to offer.”

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