Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/14

Around this time last year, Liz Thomas got a sudden urge to design jewelry. “One day it just came to me with no real rhyme or reason—almost like a prayer. A few months later my husband and I had saved enough to purchase a few hundred dollars of supplies to get me started,” she says. “I figured my new side hustle would be a perfect addition to my bustling (but lacking creativity) photography career.”


When the pandemic hit, Thomas’s photography work unfortunately dried up, so she put her time and efforts in to creating mod earrings, and Liz Made Jewelry was subsequently born. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” she says. “The drive to provide for my family pushed me to use every last ounce of clay and creativity I had.”

Now her wares are featured on all the best ears—including her two favorites, the Rainbow Feathered Colors of the Wind earrings and White Textured Demilune with Dangles. ($26-40 per pair)

Thomas says that her Liz Made line was born out of the chaos of 2020. “If you would have told me last December how many ways jewelry would save me, I would have never believed you,” she says. “Liz Made Jewelry paid bills when canceled wedding gigs couldn’t. And it’s given me confidence, a creative outlet, a connection to my community, a way to support my family, and so much more. I am forever grateful.”


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