Straight to the Veins: IV Therapy Gains in Popularity



For most people, the thought of intravenous medicine brings to mind the hospital. After all, IV delivery is most common in a clinical setting to deliver hydration or medicine to a patient as fast as possible. But Kansas City is now home to at least a dozen ‘drip bars’ or wellness centers offering the service. So, what is it, and how can it help? 

IV therapy consists of a saline solution fed directly into your body. Many spas offer vitamin cocktails that claim to treat various conditions, from immune system deficiency to aging skin to migraines. Proponents of IV therapy tout many benefits, such as reduced hangovers, migraine cures, faster recovery after intense workouts, and more. Treatments typically take 45 minutes and can be completed in the office or the comfort of your home. 

Although there is little scientific evidence of the benefits of specific vitamin cocktails, the benefit of proper hydration is well documented. Since most treatments deliver a liter of fluids into your body, conditions such as headaches or the effects of digestive illness can be mitigated with additional hydration. Did a heavy night of drinking leave you tired? A liter of fluids can definitely help. 

You can find dedicated IV hydration therapy bars all over town—many medical spas also offer the service. Before trying IV therapy, check with your doctor. People with kidney or heart disease might have adverse effects from additional fluids unless prescribed by a doctor familiar with their diagnosis. For everyone else, IV therapy offers a novel way to hydrate when you need it the most.