Detox and Stay Fresh with Wildcraft Co.

Magical sweat. We might not like it but we need it. Our bodies naturally detoxify and cool off through sweating, but conventional antiperspirants interfere with this process, changing the bacterial microbiome in our underarms. Consistent use can actually make our sweat smellier due to overproduction of bad bacteria. 

Sarah Preu, creator of Wildcraft Co. products, including Wild Wash Armpit Detox and Natural Deodorant, explains that making the switch to natural products is so important because commercial deodorants are classically formulated with aluminum compounds, triclosan, parabens, and synthetic fragrances that are thought to have disrupting effects on our hormone health.

“Our underarms are such sensitive areas of our bodies, with a large ratio of the lymph nodes located just under the tissue, so we need to be aware of the long-term effects of exposure to these kinds of chemicals,” Preu says.

Detoxing your underarms is useful while transitioning from conventional deodorants to natural ones.

“Wild Wash Armpit Detox is based on an old drawing-salve recipe. Apply it at night and the activated charcoal will perform as a drawing agent to pull out the toxins,” Preu says. “It also helps folks who have underarm breakouts or issues sweating through their deodorant by extracting the odors that come out during the day.”

Available at Urban Provisions (Crossroads) and Hand and Land (Leawood).

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