Reset, Reexamine, Rejuvenate

Time to Reset
When the body needs revitalization, turn to Kroma Wellness for its Lifestyle Reset Programs (one-day or five-day), which include a delicious variety of functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages. You’ll find bone and veggie broths, elixirs, superfood meals and snacks, adaptogen super lattes, plant-based meal smoothie blends, tea, and supplements. The Kroma 1-Day Reset includes ten packet servings labeled in numerical order to ensure you are fueled and nourished, $95. You can upgrade to the Kroma 1-Day VIP Reset that includes a Kroma frother and tumbler, and OMG Cookie Butter filled with almond, coconut, goji, hemp, powerful antioxidants, healthy omega fats, hearty plant protein, and just the right amount of sweet to help you feel satisfied and energized, $155. Individual daily superfood essentials are also offered.

Grow Grit, Gratitude and Compassion
According to author and psychologist Rick Hanson, it’s vital to grow our self-worth, patience, kindness, and joy. These make you resilient: the foundation of lasting well-being in the changing world of ours. His approach is grounded in the science of positive neuroplasticity, showing us how to overcome the brain’s negativity bias, release painful thoughts and feelings, and replace them with self-compassion, hope, and inner peace. Resilient, (paperback) $16. Available at Rainy Day Books (Fairway Shops).

Gain Grounded Perspectives
Husband and wife team Chelsey Luger and Thosh Collins share intimate stories from their life journeys growing up in tribal communities, from the Indigenous tradition of staying active and spiritually centered through running and dance to the universal Indigenous emphasis on a light-filled, minimalist home to create sacred space. The Seven Circles describes the model of interconnectedness between food, movement, sleep, ceremony, sacred space, land, and community, which keep all aspects of our lives in balance, functioning in harmony with one another. The Seven Circles, $30. Find it at Hand and Land (Luzier Building, Midtown).

Stretch and Destress
Whether you want to decrease muscle and joint pain, improve your sports performance, increase your range of motion and flexibility, or simply just experience a great stretch to feel loosened up and rejuvenated, there are now three StretchLab locations in the Kansas City metro area, with a fourth coming soon. Choose a professional assisted one-on-one or group session to gain the life-changing benefits by trained flexologists who will aid in placing the missing piece to your fitness puzzle. Learn more at Locations include Fairway, Leawood, Overland Park, and soon, Downtown KC.