Whatcha’ Watchin’? – Carolyn Long, KCTV5 News Anchor, Noon and 4pm

KCTV5’s stalwart anchor Carolyn Long has been a staple of Kansas City’s television airwaves—23 years and counting. But she’s been a TV fanatic a lot longer. We put on our reporter hat to ask this news junkie about her must-see shows and why she’s obsessed with them.

“Ok—just between us—I not-so-secretly spend most Monday evenings watching the ‘Bachelor/Bachelorette’.

Now, let me clarify, it’s not the actual premise of the show that I enjoy. Uh, who honestly thinks it’s a good plan to date 25 guys at one time and then accept a proposal from ‘the one’ after a few weeks?? I enjoy it because it has become a reason to gather with a handful of my girlfriends over a glass of red wine and wonder how Chris Harrison gets all of the best hosting gigs?

Oh, and while we are in this non-judgement zone—I also love me some Dr. Phil. It started because I’d watch his show from the make-up room before my 4pm newscast. Then I realized I was missing out and started to DVR him every day. Hey—I said no judging!”