My Fave Pic: Steven Green

Born and raised in Kansas City, photographer Steven Green found his true passion in creating. “Photography was my first passion and as that skill developed so did my experience with creative directing,” says Green. Over the years, he’s honed his craft and now says “visualizing concepts for editorial looks and helping clients portray a story has become a knack of mine.” When asked about his all-time favorite photo, he choose something simple, elegant, and timeless.

“I chose this image because it is one that truly inspired me. It was the image that gave me insight into my future as a high-fashion photographer. I envisioned myself actually shooting for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and major fashion houses on a professional level. This particular look was very simple. Very little to no makeup, natural hair, and a simple two-tone neutral-colored dress. However, the image in its entirety visually provides so much value. This is what I truly want with every image that I take. This image was a time stamp of that realization that I want to provide value beyond just capturing the image. I want to enhance every element of the shoot and offer clients a high-end experience when shooting with me. My love for fashion and for people tied in perfectly with the click of the shutter.”