Five Things You Don’t Know About Me: Fearless Intuition’s Betsy Smith

Betsy Smith has a soft spot for humanity—both the living and those who have crossed over. This local intuitive energy healer says she believes life “is about the journey and not just the destination. We are all returning to a state of unconditional love, through healing.”


Smith will gladly guide clients on an out-of-this world journey where “together we can explore the deepest levels of your soul so that you can access your higher self and lead a more purpose-filled life.” From astrology to tarot to reiki and more, she’s mastered several methods to navigate life just that much better. We caught up with the life coach to find out five things you don’t know about the Kansas City spiritualist.

5) I started kindergarten at the age of four.
“It’s because my brother taught me how to read early. He loves it when I tell that story, and rightly so! He was the first person to teach me everything I knew.”

4) I have double-jointed elbows.
“I was a dancer when I was younger—and I would be told to bend my elbows to make them appear straight!”

3) I am raising three amazing young men.
“They are the kindest souls, and I am blessed that they are all the best parts of who I am.”

2) I am 4’11”.
“I joke that the best compliment is that you’ll be able to feel my energy enter a room before you’re able to see that I’m there. If you’ve never met me in person and have only seen me in videos, most people are surprised to know that fact.” (See #1.)

1) I have a YouTube channel.
“I turned my intuitive/clairaudient abilities into a successful spiritual YouTube channel a few years ago. The name? Fearless Intuition. I now find joy in helping others on their spiritual journey.”