By The Numbers: The Texas Tenors’ JC Fisher

The Texas Tenors have made a name for themselves ever since they were chosen 3rd runner-up on the fourth season of America’s Got Talent. Since then their eclectic, hybrid music has seen crossover success on both Billboard’s classical and country charts. Turns out TTT are the biggest selling music group in the history of the well-known reality show. They are the third most successful act to ever appear on AGT. (Only singers Jackie Evancho and Lindsey Stirling have sold more records.)

Just last week TTT announced some huge news. They’re headed back to compete in the very first America’s Got Talent: The Champions edition this winter. The show features acts from AGT franchises all over the globe. (Think World’s Got Talent.) Two of the Tenors hail from the metro including John Hagen (from Kansas City) and JC Fisher (from Shawnee). Marcus Collins—who rounds out the talented trio—lives in Los Angeles. We got the low-down from Fisher on TTT’s upcoming AGT appearance and—fingers crossed—global domination. More in this week’s By The Numbers—featuring The Texas Tenors, y’all. (PS. Good luck, boys!)

Year all y’all got together as a group: 

Number of states you’ve performed in48—we’re coming for you Rhode Island and Hawaii.

How many shows have y’all done since your season of America’s Got Talent1,299. Whew. Oh—and we’re playing with the Kansas City Symphony on November 30th too.

Premiere date of America’s Got Talent: The Champions: January 7, 2019

Number of acts in America’s Got Talent: The Champions50! (Other performers include well-known performers such as Susan Boyle and Paul Potts.)

Number of American acts that made the cut12

How many countries will air America’s Got Talent: The Champions184. No pressure, right?

(L to R): Fisher, Hagen and Collins

How many pairs of cowboy boots do y’all have between the three of you: 25—give or take.

And how many cowboy hats: Around 20

And how many big ol’ belt buckles: 15-ish

Number of times you’ve sung “God Bless The USA” (including rehearsals): 3,955,209. I’m kidding. It’s probably way more than that. Just joking. Let’s see—including rehearsals over 18,000.

Number of times you’ve been star struck: 1. Um, Michael Bolton. He was sitting next me at the airport. I can talk to anyone, but not him. He’s a rock singer that came out with a classical album. He studied with a famous opera coach for two years and sang all the top 10 arias—including “Nessun Dorma”—in the original key. He’s a stud. My idol.

Number of times you’ve been asked if you’re from Texas: At least five million—at a minimum.

L to R: Collins, Fisher and Hagen

Number of Facebook fans y’all had the first day: 8, all family members.

Number of Facebook fans currently: 263,000

#1 Billboard Classical Albums: 2—our most recent album A Collection of Broadway & American Classics debuted at #1 on 8/18/18!

 YouTube channel views: 7.6 million—and counting.

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