IFI: Sportscaster Joel Goldberg & Marknology’s Andrew Morgans

We all have those unique/interesting/quirky people we like to follow on social media. But who’s flying under the radar? We asked some of Kansas City’s best and brightest social media influencers one simple question: Who are some local folks we need to be following and why?

Joel GoldbergSports Broadcaster, Public Speaker, Networker Extraordinaire

“I’m constantly plugged into baseball on social media with my daily Royals responsibilities so I welcome the chance to follow interesting people outside the sports world. Andrew Morgans is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram. He’s a hardworking, influential entrepreneur and crushing it as one of a small number of Amazon branding experts around the world.

Andrew’s wisdom comes from a lifetime of unique stories. As the son of missionaries, he lived in Montreal, Cameroon, Botswana, Moscow, Congo, Hawaii, and Kansas City as a kid. These experiences helped shape him. He’s worked as a landscaper, painter, security guard, bartender and musician, not to mention modeling gigs. His desire to learn and share his knowledge makes him a huge resource on so many topics and, he’s killing it speaking nationally.

Following Morgans (yes, there’s an s at the end) on Instagram is a must, and he’s constantly updating content on other outlets, too. He’s entertaining and educational—and gives me a chance to explore a lifestyle beyond baseball.”