Tips for Creating a Container Garden

If you didn’t get your containers planted in May, you still have a little time. We caught up with Kristopher Dabner, owner of The Greensman, on curb-appeal considerations for your potted plants. Here are three options:

1. Something Different. “The standard thing that people think about is using a flowering tropical like a hibiscus or an oleander,” Dabner says. “Instead of that, try an interesting shrub that you can later plant in your yard.”

His suggestions: Try Ninebark such as Coppertina, which has a dark purple leaf, or Amber Jubilee, which features golden orange leaves.

2. Anchored by A Trellis. Dabner suggests using a decorative obelisk trellis in containers. You can grow climbing vines such as Mandevilla, Morning Glory, or Moon Flowers.

3. An Easy Classic. Plant an interesting dwarf conifer in a pot like a globe spruce or pine on standard. “It will last for years,” Dabner says. Surround it with side plants such as geraniums, or trailing plants like Dichondra Silver Falls.

A few other container tips from Dabner:

  Get containers as big as you can get with as much planting room as possible.
  You can make containers from things like galvanized metal tubs from the hardware store—just make sure to drill a drainage hole in the bottom.
  If you have three or four containers you’re grouping together, make sure they flow together as one, harmonious arrangement.

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