Refresh Your Home Furnishings Just in Time for Holiday Magic

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What are some of the at-home moments you’re most anticipating this holiday season? Gathering around the table to share a delicious meal? Family movie night complete with matching PJs and a holiday classic? Swapping gifts, stories, and laughs with dear friends? 

No matter what’s on your holiday agenda this year, there’s one more important factor to consider: your furnishings. And if you’re thinking your favorite home retreats need a pre-holiday update, you’re in good company. 

“Many of us didn’t entertain during the holidays last year, and for good reason,” says Carrie McColgan, design team leader and gallery co-manager. “This might be the year that extended family gathers for the first time in a while, so you’ll want your home to be perfect: a cozy environment that’s the ideal backdrop for making new holiday memories.”

How’s this for holiday cheer: local, family-owned Seville Home is offering the largest selection of beautiful creations in their Leawood home furnishings store’s 21-year history. That means, as you stroll the impeccably curated showroom, not only will you have more options than ever; you also don’t have to worry about having your selections in time for family and friends to gather. 

“We are receiving stunning new furniture every week,” says Stuart Wilkins, owner of this ultra-friendly, designer-led furnishings destination. “When we re-opened after the shut-down last year, we recognized that people cared even more about their homes and wanted to invest in them. In response, we doubled down on ordering from our favorite makers, and now that’s paying off for our customers, whether they’re professional designers or inspired homeowners. We love being in this position because it provides instant relief for shoppers who are ready to purchase but have become discouraged by barely-there options elsewhere.”

“Preferred By Designers; Open to Everyone”

A quiet sense of tranquility greets you as you step inside Seville Home’s 18,000-square-foot gallery that’s carefully presented by visual designer Sherry Cook. As you wind your way through expertly designed vignettes, creative sparks ignite in your mind as you consider the possibilities.

“We want the gallery to feel like coming into a unique and impeccably designed home,” Wilkins says. “There’s something about walking in here: touching the fabrics, sitting on pieces, becoming confident with how a particular item will make you feel at home.” 

And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the options or unsure of what will work best in your favorite retreats, that’s yet another reason to enlist the help of Seville Home’s knowledgeable team. 

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” says McColgan. “That’s what we do every day. We offer in-home consultations at no charge so we can help guide you in picking the perfect pieces for your lifestyle and unique spaces.  Home furnishings are often a big investment.  They become your personality on display. You want every aspect to be right—even a little aspirational—and make that first impression wow-worthy. It’s gratifying to see customers put their trust in us to help them make those decisions.”

Not only does the Seville Home professional team know furniture—they know their customers, too, highlighting yet another advantage to shopping locally as you refresh your home interior. McColgan is a prime example: she interacts with customers every day, so she knows what they want: the fabrics, the styles, the colors. Then, when she and Wilkins make regular buying trips to the international home furnishings market in High Point, NC, they leverage long-nurtured relationships – many with family-owned furniture makers – and focus on items that customers will covet. 

“Our proven vendor partners are as attentive to our needs as we are to our customer’s desires,” she says.  “Everything we bring back to Seville Home has to make sense for us in Kansas City.” 

Some of their more recent finds from Fall Market? Warmer color tones and fabrics—think browns and earthier, spicier hues like cinnamon and paprika. And to delight the senses: touchable textures in materials like velvet and woven bouclés that mimic the warmth and appeal of shearling.

Seville Home specializes in fine furniture created by makers and artisans, including many businesses that are family-owned just like Seville Home. 

“All of the brands we carry take tremendous pride in their craft, and longevity in design and construction are essential,” Wilkins says. “Don’t get us wrong—we have customers who refresh their favorite spaces every few years. They treat their homes as livable galleries that rotate, rearrange and refresh for visual delight.”

Ready for a Holiday Refresh?

And what better time to add more visual delight to your home than the holidays? If you haven’t already, take a stroll through your home and make a wish list of what you want to update. Then, take that list (and a few cellphone pics) and head to Seville Home for a festive promotion: “Holiday Refreshments Never Looked So Good.” 

“In our case, holiday refreshments refer to home updates that are a feast for the eyes and transform living spaces into places you want to sink into and celebrate,” Wilkins says. 

To help you make truly effortless holiday entertaining and gathering a reality, enjoy a minimum of 20 percent (and as much as 50% OFF) off nearly all in-stock creations. 

“We’re widely known for offering stunning savings on selections from the finest furniture-makers available, and this year-end campaign is a continuation of that tradition,” Wilkins says. 

This year, the holiday campaign is impeccably timed with a historic level of inventory, giving both new and longtime customers the most exciting opportunities yet to discover the furnishings and décor that will elevate and invigorate their homes just in time for merriment and memories.

“Homes are so personal,” McColgan says. “We want to know you, your style, your dreams for your home, and how you envision the space. We start there and develop lifelong customers and relationships.” 

Now that’s a reason to celebrate! 

Visit to learn more about brands, services, and the team. Shop the showroom 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, at 5205 W. 135th St., Leawood, Kan.

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