Light Me Up: Early Sunsets Shouldn’t Detract From Fun

As we insist on gathering around outside fires (it must be in the hard drive) and light candles to celebrate holidays and occasions (as well as just to help us see when the sun sets much too early), striking a match is often a must.  

Safety matches in leaf-print containers, available in three prints for $5 each.

Growing Days Home by Tamara Day in The Shops of Prairie Village carries safety matches in tubes that won’t make you cringe to leave in sight of guests. In decorative containers with three different designs that resemble ferns, palmetto leaves, and feathers, they are easy on the eye inside or out. Want to take one to a friend as a hostess gift? Throw in the gold-tone candle snuffer and the wick trimmer.

Candle snuffer, $15.
Candle wick trimmer, $18.
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