Nimble Brewing Opens in the Crossroads

Flexibility is key for Nimble Brewing owner Kevin Gittemeier. “The concept for Nimble is to brew a wide variety of small-batch beers several times a week so there will always be a large selection of fresh, interesting beers to satisfy the tastes of all kinds of beer enthusiasts,” he explains. Gittemeier had to be extra nimble with his business when plans to launch earlier this spring were derailed by COVID-19. The Crossroads brewery (1735 Oak St.) opened for curbside pickup serving wine, rotating cocktails and its unique beers, many of which are sour- and hop-forward styles. Just don’t get too attached. “We don’t get wrapped up in marketing or promoting the batch we just brewed on Tuesday because on Thursday we are already on to dreaming up our next batch,” Gittemeier says.

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