In the Pantry: Oil and Vinegar

The bounty of summer needs very little assistance to shine. A few of my favorite flavor enhancers for summer are available at The Tasteful Olive in downtown Overland Park.


Sicilian Biancolilla EVOO
This oil from Sicily, with its vegetal backbone, herbal nuances and peppery bite is a perfect companion for all kinds of produce.



Traditional Balsamic
Balsamic vinegars are not created equal. Drizzle this on everything from a bit of cheese to a grilled steak or even a bowl of ice cream.



White Balsamic
It has a very light texture and is especially harmonious with earthy flavors like that of beets or potatoes.



Sherry Reserva Vinegar
Wine vinegars bring freshness to all kinds of dishes, but this Sherry Reserva, a gift of Spain to the rest of the world, has an intriguing nutty quality.

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