Kansas Native Anna Hamilton Competes In NBC’s Songland

Last season, NBC’s reality songwriting competition Songland produced seven #1 songs on the iTunes charts. On Monday, songstress Anna Hamilton—who hails from Bucyrus, KS/Kansas City, KS—will have one of her original songs vying for a spot in this year’s mix.

Anna Hamilton/Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

If you’re not familiar, Songland gives undiscovered writers like Hamilton the chance to pitch their original song to top producers and recording artists in the music business. We caught up with her ahead of her debut where she unveils her song to guest celebrity artist, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winning singer/songwriter Ben Platt.

What’s your favorite part about the songwriting process? Music? Lyrics? Harmonies?
“Songwriting is like breathing new life into poetry—crafting words into and around a melody until you can almost feel them. It’s almost like a superpower to be able to take a worldly concept and whittle it down into something a little more tangible. I’m a geek when it comes to song lyrics—especially when you can find a well-written hook that’s catchy enough to resonate.”

‘Deathbed’ is the song I wrote to pitch to Ben Platt on Songland. It’s about giving 100% of yourself to the present moment. If you wanna dance, DANCE and if you wanna sing, SING. Live in all caps. There’s no time to be lukewarm. I hope this song reminds people that life is about diving in head first.

Dish! What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify—and what does that say about you?
“My Spotify playlists are straight up eclectic. I love contemporary pop music, but lately all I’ve been listening to is folk. I swear, that’s the Kansas in me coming out. I’ve had Tyler Childers’ All Your’n stuck in my head for the last three days!”

Name a musician or songwriter you would kill to meet/pick their brain.
“I’d give my right arm to pick Lewis Capaldi’s brain. Okay, maybe, too far? Regardless— that man’s hysterical and not to mention talented as heck.”

Which singer/songwriter would you love to collaborate with—and why?
“I’d love to collaborate with Dermot Kennedy. That would be an absolute full-circle moment for me. Holy cow!”

Finally, if you happen to write anything for Dolly down the road—can you please make sure we get the chance to meet her? We’d appreciate it.
“Oh, Dolly? Yeah, we go wayyyy back. I’ll put a good word in for you for sure.” [laughs]

Hamilton’s episode of Songland will air this Monday, June 8 at 9 p.m. Central on NBC.