Impulse Purchase of the Week – 8/5

Team Farm Charm

Last year’s quarantine kickstarted a bevy of local businesses—and Farm Charm by LF was no exception. To hear them tell it, Kristi and Brandon Furlong were redecorating their basement and “we needed a really cool focal point sign to cover a large wall,” says Kristi. “We found something online—similar to our Farm Charm concept—except that it wasn’t real wood. It was so fake and manufactured.”

The St. Joseph duo pilfered some piles of wood from their best friends Bobby and Ashton Larimore and with their assistance helped to create their initial vintage piece of framed artwork. “That was the beginning of something,” says Kristi. “And we had no idea that a year later we would have sold more than 1,000 signs.”

The duo says during the creative process, the look of the wood speaks for itself, and “pushes us in the direction of what to put together,” Kristi adds. After searching through “piles of wood for beautiful wood combinations to put together,” Team Farm Charm will size—and occasionally paint and distress—each individual frame. (Prices start at $50 and up.)

Need a custom or special order? The group is game to come up whatever your heart (and blank wall) desires. “The best part about Farm Charm signs is that all the wood is reclaimed and repurposed,” says Kristi, who mentions both couples really hustle when they get an opportunity to knock down a barn, collect old deck wood or “even crawl through condemned houses to find those outrageously perfect, chipped paint boards.” She adds, “Most of the boards are exactly as they were found, and they are simply beautiful. It’s a unique piece that no one else will have.”

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