Impulse Purchase of the Week – 3/4

Local artist Emily Johnson and author Steffany Barton have teamed up to create some insightful Heaven and Earth Daily Guidance Cards. ($12) These inspiring images are emblazoned with empowering words. “Each card is truly a work of art.” says Barton.  “The watercolors look and feel very soothing, and the messages give a fresh perspective when you’re in a rotten mood. Using these cards is like opening the window and letting a spring breeze fill your heart and mind.”

Given that 2020 was such a challenge, Barton’s cards serve “as a beautiful, simple reminder that even though there are challenges in life, in any moment, with a single thought, we can change our outlook and see the world differently,” she says. “In times of darkness, these cards bring a little ray of sunshine.”

Barton says the cards have been so popular she’s having trouble keeping them in stock. “Once people buy them, they want more to give to family and friends; they tell me the cards always offer the right message at the right time,” she says. “Emily and I worked well together and I think we did a good job!”

Each deck of inspiring cards comes tucked inside a beautiful velvet bag with a guidebook. Click here for more information or to order a set.






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