Impulse Purchase of the Week – 3/26

Leave it to KC’s hospitality industry to once again step up to take care of their own. Check out these nifty T-shirts created by the newly formed KC Hospitality Support Initiative. (From $26) We hit up one of the founders, Clark Grant, Jr., to find out more.

“We came up with the idea to sell a T-shirt, then give out grocery-store gift cards to qualifying hospitality professionals who apply via our website. We created the EKG design based off another friend’s tattoo. He is currently helping with the fundraising as well,” says Grant.

Local writer Katie Van Luchene sports KCHSI’s handiwork (via Facebook)

Naturally, once word got out about the program, purchases—and donations—came pouring in, and thus far they’ve given out well over 60 $50 gift cards to those who need it. Even better? “We are getting posts of people finally receiving their shirts on social media and hope to have photos of people claiming their gift cards tomorrow,” says Grant. “We are hoping to create a community of people helping people.”

Word on the street about KCHSI continues to blossom, but “we need more people to know about it. We need to get the word out. Our entire marketing strategy is social-media based,” says Grant. “We need great people like you with reach on social media to help us.”

We’re on it, Mr. Grant. We’re on it!