Impulse Purchase of the Week – 11/28

Artist Robin Samberg is—as she says—“a huge fan of bright, vivid colors.” We’re not kidding. Set one foot inside her house and it’s an explosion of color. Her whimsical, abstract art is both trippy and unforgettable. It’s like if a kaleidoscope and a rainbow had a baby. Yeah, that. “Someone once asked what inspires me,” says Samberg. “I replied, ‘I paint my daydreams.’”

If you’ve seen any of her digital art on display, you know she’s a fan of unleashing it anywhere and everywhere—phone cases, iPad covers, even fleece blankets and pillows. Most everything can become a canvas for Samberg. Recently she added two new pieces to her A Color Adventure online store and we think you simply must include them in your holiday gift exchange. (You can thank us later.)

We’re big fans of her hyperkinetic canvas tote-bag collection. She’s splashed some of her famous digital art for you (or your giftee) to carry around. They’ve been selling out ever since she introduced them. “People tend to enjoy unique things,” says Samberg.  “Why carry a plain canvas tote bag when you could have something visually different that serves the same purpose?” The bags are 18-inches square with a 3-inch gusseted bottom in spun poly canvas with 1-inch cotton web straps and an open top. They’re steal at $35 each. A varied selection is available on her website—or if you’re feeling über-important, Samberg can whip up something else from her collection. (Although no promises on getting that to you before Christmas, kids. Customized work can take a few extra weeks.)

But what we’re really obsessed with are her new glass cutting boards. “As of late, those have been my biggest seller and that’s saying something. At my shows, patrons would walk out with four or five of them at a time,” says Samberg. “I do those myself, in-house.” Besides being color-riffic, the tempered-glass cutting boards are food-safe, heat-safe and, uh, cut-safe. Best to hand-wash though. Want to know more? Samberg posted a 60-second time lapse vid last weekend on “how it’s made”. Watch it here. Prices range from $34 (8X11), $39, (12-inch round) and $44 (12X15).

If you’re interested in either gift, we wouldn’t dilly-dally. With Christmas and Hanukkah just around the corner, Samberg’s newest products promise to sell quickly. ‘Tis the season, so order soon. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.