Impulse Purchase of the Week – 1/16

Trying to find a renewed sense of self in 2020? We’ve discovered As You Be—the perfect book to inspire and motivate you, courtesy of a local author, Noeyoni.


In 42 beautifully crafted poems, she’s encapsulated a series of life lessons based on her own personal journey. Each one offers an empowering message that shows how a change in perception and mindset can free your mind from self-defeating thoughts to create a life of happiness and purpose. “The book is on my nightstand and I refer to it frequently, as one would a wise, old friend, to tell me where and how I am stuck,” says the author. “The book is the companion, the uncompromising truthful friend that everyone wants but so rarely finds. It is a guide for navigating some of the deeper challenges and emotions that life throws at us. Our brains have been wired for self-defeating responses and thoughts to the curveballs that we are often confronted with. This book offers an alternative way of looking at circumstances and life that is freeing!”

She says response to the book has been encouraging. “The book mirrors to its readers the deepest issue they are either consciously dealing with or subconsciously ignoring. Some have broken down in tears after reading the poems while others have been rather defensive,” says Noeyoni.

It’s available via e-book on Amazon or Apple. ($9.99) Want a hard copy? Find it online at Noeyoni’s website. (Use the code MACKIE for 20% off)







Hard Copy at  $24.99; 20% off with Code MACKIE

E-book on sale now for $9.99 (look up ISBN 978-0-9970597-0-0)