Impulse Purchase of the Week – 9/5

A couple of years ago, when the team at Life Equals was doing their research on supplements and other sundry items, they quizzed doctors and health coaches to ask what one thing would help improve people’s health. The unanimous vote? Eat more fruits and vegetables.

So, the crew at Life Equals went back to the drawing board and—voilà—Balance, the Superfood Shot® was born. Each shot delivers half a day’s recommended serving of fruits and vegetables.

“Response has been amazing,” says Christie Carter, director of eCommerce for LifeEquals. “I like that it’s something easy to rely on, on those days that eating is not the greatest. Maybe you just ate dessert all day—or didn’t eat today—you’ve got something simple to drink, a great foundation for getting your fruits and vegetables.

Now the Roeland Park company is determined to get the word out about their wildly convenient product. “It’s shelf-stable, so you can take it anywhere,” says Carter. “People are loving it—like when they travel. It fits the TSA requirements for carrying on to a plane.”

Find it in local grocery stores throughout the metro—including Natural Grocers and Whole Foods. Individual shots are $3.99 each, or order a subscription on LifeEquals’ website for a reduced rate. A 24-pack is only $67.49.

And the taste, you ask? It’s bold and tart, “with a little bit of sweetness”, says Carter. The team has a couple other shots with different flavor profiles in pre-production, but you’ll have to wait for those.

And finally, Carter wants to give a heads-up to all those moms out there whose kids are junk-food junkies. Turns out kids love the shots. Who knew? “It’s always a huge compliment when moms say their kids like it—especially kids who refuse to eat their fruits and vegetables,” says Carter. “That’s a huge win.”

Bonus! If you visit Life and enter the discount code INKC40, you’ll receive a 40 percent discount off your first month’s subscription now through September 12. Impulse shop away!

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