Come On Move Your Body

If you’re cautiously coming out of your social shell, you’re not alone. If you’re coming out with a few more pounds than when you went in, you’re definitely not alone. But hitting the iron paradise isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather samba than squat, dance fitness may be the perfect solution for melting some pounds while having fun.

Dance fitness classes aren’t exactly new. You can still go to the grandmother of all legwarmer workouts at Jazzercise studios around the city. But if you want something a little different, there are new options to explore too. Here are our favorite ways to feel the beat and lose weight.

Dance Fit Flow
If your image of a dance studio involves teenagers in spandex and sequins with no real evidence of bones, then a dance studio could be intimidating. Dance Fit Flow wants to change that. This Crossroads dance studio is for adults only—and not just adults that used to dance. Their class offerings are accessible to anyone that wants to move their body. You’ll find a wide variety of classes, from salsa fusion to musical theater to jazz-funk. Some classes are dance-focused, and some are fitness, using dance as their medium. All of their classes are focused on creating an environment that’s comfortable for dancers of any experience level.

Remember Zumba? Trends come and go, but dancing to of-the-moment music in a way to get your heart going is forever. WERQ is the evolution of that ideal. But instead of practicing your cha-cha steps to Enrique Iglesias, WERQ will challenge you to get low to Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. Much like Zumba, you can find WERQ classes all over town at various gyms and fitness studios, all pumping up the jams and the self-confidence as instructors welcome all body types and skill levels to this infectious cardio workout.

AKT Dance
Remember when we all looked at Britney Spears and thought, ‘I could have those abs and that rhythm?’ Well, the AKT workout is the way you get it. AKT is a dance workout that’s more than just cardio. Rather than just doing dance choreography to high-tempo music, AKT incorporates circuit training, toning, and interval training, with new routines every three weeks to keep things fresh. It promises hair whipping end results. Sounds like Britney circa 2001. For this challenge, head to the newly opened AKT Leawood, where you can find Dance, Bands, Tone, and Circuit classes.

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