Kansas City Fashion Week 2019 Preview: Meet Designer Joshua Christensen

Listen up, style mavens! Kansas City Fashion Week 2019 is days away. To get you geared up for the metro’s fashion extravaganza, we’re introducing you to one of the designers you’ll see unveiled on the runway. Meet Joshua Christensen—a corporate wonk who got tired of the rat race, went back to school and put all his collective energies into the world of fashion. He’s also a former Project Runway contestant. He’ll be debuting his stunning collection on KCFW’s closing night, Saturday, March 30th.

1) Give me a little backstory on you. How did you end up in fashion?
JC: “I was in banking and finance for about seven years and decided to find a more creative career. From a list of careers I created, I chose fashion and moved to Los Angeles to go to school and start my new journey.”

2) What do you want people to know about your looks/designs?
JC: “My designs are part of an ongoing evolution of ideas and human experience. It’s fun and emotional.”

3) ‘Fess up—what’s going on in your mind? Are you excited/nervous/anxious/giddy about showing off your collection?
JC: “This is old hat for me, but I’m always excited to see my creations go down a runway. This will be the first time this collection has been shown anywhere, so I’m proud to be seeing it come to life.”

4) When your models stomp the runway, what looks are you bringing to the table? What sets you apart?
JC: “I’ll be showing an editorial men’s and women’s collection, and it’s all about the details and the fabrics—and taking the viewer on a journey.”

5) Describe your upcoming collection. What should we anticipate?
JC: “This collection is an editorial journey from dark to light.”

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