Danger! Eleven Local Hair Stylists Offer Up Quarantine Don’ts For Your ‘Do

We know, we know. We’re only one week into our mandated quarantine and your hair is already at DEFCON 2. Since it’s going to be a hot minute before you can get your fade faded or your weave whacked, we hit up some local stylists to give you some handy don’ts and dos for your (soon-to-be unruly) ‘do.

11) “Extensions falling out or growing out? Put those extensions in a loose bun or loose braids and do not attempt pliers or tools to take those out by yourself. Color issues? Ask your stylist if they’re making touch-up kits. That’s what we’re doing. Or use those gray coverage sprays or powders in the meantime. And this is not the time to buy cheap online products. If you’re in a bind, call or text your hairstylist for suggestions.” –Joey Figueiredo at daicy/figueiredo in Prairie Village

10) “Here’s my theory, hair is a control. You can’t control a lot of things in your life, but you can control your hair. Since everything is out of control right now, don’t try to help your situation by doing something drastic to your hair. Don’t destroy the work we’ve already done. Wearing a ball cap is cheaper than setting in my chair for six hours.”  —Courtney Lizar, Courtney’s Hair Suite at Aspen Salon in Kansas City

9) “Attempting to do something via YouTube or Facebook live will not turn out well, I promise you. Just because stylists are on video doesn’t mean that 1) they know what they’re doing or 2) they’re licensed.” —Amanda Coble at Muse Salon in Overland Park

8) “Here’s the thing. I’ve been calling all my clients who are panicking about their roots. I’m like, where are you going? You’re not going anywhere. Throw on a baseball cap if you perhaps go to the grocery store. Plus, if you’re six feet apart from someone, I doubt they’re going to see the top of your head.” —Lori Greenberg at L.A. Cuts Salon in Overland Park

7) “I’m excited for all the people who try to color their own hair. Color correction costs a fortune. I’m poor now, but I’m going to be rich in about three to four weeks.” –Jayson Molnar, Solera Salon and Day Spa in Overland Park

6) “I’ve had friends who call me and said, ‘My son needs a haircut. How do I do it? I’ve seen you do it and it looks so easy.’ Well, it’s not. Trust me. Inevitably, we will be fixing all this crazy sh*t you’re doing to your hair. Stylists will never be in more demand—or more appreciated—then when this whole thing is over.” —Chris Landis at Styling Studios in Overland Park

5) “Do not try to take out your own weave—because you’ll be at risk of losing your own hair. Bobby pin it up.” —Sumuyyah Hasam at Solera Salon and Day Spa in Overland Park

4) “Underground stylists are now popping up. I’m trying to coach my clients that if they’re not going to a professional, they’re not going to have professional products at their house. Buyer beware. For us, as hair stylists, we’re trained to handle all those chemicals and relaxers. So, it’s gonna be a stimulus for us—because it’s twice as expensive to undo mistakes. Hair color is $80-150. Color correction is upwards of $100-300 per hour.” – LaRon Green at Shampoo by Salon LaRon in Brookside/Waldo

3) “You know all those memes you see floating out there of bad hairstyles? That’s what’s going to happen if you cut your own hair. Get ready to embrace your natural hair color.” —Jill Christian, The Warehouz Salon in Shawnee

2) “I’d like to think my clients know what not to do, but I’ll just say do not bite your nails—especially if they have product on them. If nerves get the best of you, don’t pick at it or bite on it. You’ll end up doing damage to your nail.” —Bobbi Mott, StiletToes Nail Lounge in Lee’s Summit

1) “Obviously, do not use box color. No matter what you think, your hair will not turn out that color. Also, do not use kitchen shears—or craft shears or sewing shears—to try and cut your hair No. Shears. Also, do not drink and trim. Bangs and wine don’t mix.” – Nick Jenkins, Flock Salon and Gallery in the Crossroads

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