My Essentials: Anna Petrow Mulvihill

Anna Petrow Mulvihill Photo by Amy McDaniel

The Kansas City-based photographer (and influencer: follow her @annapetrow) may be local but her reach is national. Her work has been published in publications such as The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, and Food & Wine. Petrow works primarily with the chefs, farmers, and local restaurateurs in the metro, and she describes her greatest passion as supporting the growth of the local spots that make our city so lively and unique. She and her husband, Patrick Mulvihill, love their Brookside neighborhood. “I love being able to walk to so many wonderful local businesses in Brookside,” she says. “We’ve had countless pastries at Heirloom, breakfast biscuits at Matties, beers at BKS Artisan Ales, patio sushi at Sayachi, and bowls of pasta at Bella Napoli.” Petrow’s favorite nonprofit, Kanbe’s Markets, ties into that passion for food. Kanbe’s is working to provide Kansas Citians living in food deserts access to healthy produce while working to cut down food waste.

Anna’s essentials…

Date Night: We love going to Room 39 and ordering the tasting menu. They always work with the best local ingredients, and chef Ted Habiger was one of my very first clients, so that spot will forever hold a special place in my heart. The wine pairings are fantastic, too!

Preferred Cocktail: The martini at The Campground—it’s perfectly balanced and comes with house-made salt-and-vinegar chips. Chris and Cristin have built such an inclusive, beautiful space there. It’s my top recommendation to out-of -owners and locals alike. 

Scent for Home: I’ve recently fallen in love with Pigeon candles. They’re sustainable, recyclable, and customizable—you can put your own message on each candle, which makes them perfect for gift giving or marking special occasions.

Saturday Day Out: It starts with a latte from Café Cà Phê, and if I really get my dream day, a smoothie from Ruby Jeans and breakfast sandwich from Happy Gillis. The brunch trifecta! I love to spend warmer days roaming around a farmers market or hanging out at Loose Park with my dog, and chillier ones poking around some antique shops or planning a delicious dinner for friends.    

Must-Shop: Paradise Garden Club—it’s a tropical oasis in the middle of the Crossroads, the owners are wonderful people, and they are absolutely brilliant at plant care. Have I frantically dm’ed them photos of a dying plant? Yes. Did they save it with their spot-on advice? Yes! 

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