IN Conversation with SNL’s Alex Moffat

Moffat in costume on SNL.

Actor/comedian/all-around renaissance man Alex Moffat just celebrated his 100th Saturday Night Live appearance last month. The sketch comedy pro joined the show as a featured player in 2016 and became a repertory cast member two seasons later.

Moffat (L) and Maya Rudolph (R) as Biden and Harris

The man of 1,000 faces and voices (Joe Biden! Mark Zuckerberg! Tucker Carlson!) is bringing his stand-up act to The Comedy Club of Kansas City this weekend. We caught up with him ahead of his appearance to find out about returning to the comedy circuit and how things are getting back to normal on the venerable NBC show.

In terms of touring, 2020 was a bit of a bust. How psyched are you to get back on the road?
“I’m very psyched. I have a five-month-old baby, so all my new material is geared towards infants. I’m excited to see how it works on adults.”

I’ve heard your comedy described as “cerebral.” How would you describe it?
“Well, probably whatever the opposite of cerebral is. Renal?”

Gardner (L) and Moffat (R)

You know your castmate Heidi Gardner is from KC. Please tell me she gave you the 411 on where to go and what to do?
“I asked Heidi*, and she said, ‘The barbecue is way better in Texas and St. Louis, so don’t bother.’ But that can’t be true, can it? I’ve heard KC has some great spots!”

More importantly, have you ever been to KC? Thoughts?
“I’ve never been. I’m super pumped to check it out.  And I really hope Heidi is wrong about the barbecue*, ‘cuz I really had my heart set on it.”

Moffat (L) and Mikey Day (R)

You just knocked out your 101st episode on SNL. How did hitting that benchmark feel?
“Felt great—and kinda surreal. It’s hard to believe I’ve done that many. I still love walking into that building and getting to do what I do. I got to celebrate the milestone with my ‘class’ at the show, which included Melissa Villaseñor, head writer Anna Drezen, and director Paul Briganti, all of whom I’m super close with. So, that was the coolest part. Mikey Day was a writer first—so don’t think I forgot him!”

Finally, we’re birthday buddies. March 25th rules! Can we please hang next year? (Don’t invite Jost. He always expects me to pay.)
“A fellow fiery Aries? Yum!”

*“PS. Heidi never said that thing about the barbecue. I just wanted to start some shit.”